Jason recently had a shoot in New York for a scene on 'Law & Order: SVU' as well as on the Jennifer Lopez film “Hustlers”. He also just shot a commercial for Daimler SMART in Berlin and a few industrial shoot projects in Munich. He recently had shoots for the German television series ‘Die Chefin' as a lawyer and on 'Rosenheim Cops' as a chef. He also just completed a performance of 'Grubstake Remix' (role of Jeb) at the Babylon Theatre in Berlin...Nell Shipman's 1923 silent film performed live with Shakespearean text and a new music score.

Last year Jason shot a TV project in New York City in which he played German OSS spy 'Holger Winter'. He also just completed shooting for the Samuel L. Jackson movie ‘BIG GAME’ which was shot entirely on location in Bavaria and Austria. He played secret service agent 'Dexter'. He currently has a commercial spot (E-Zubis) running for the “Handwerkskammer” in Germany.

His film "My Life As Abraham Lincoln" won the Prestige Award at the Manhattan Film Festival.

He continues to work between Germany and New York and travels back and forth frequently.

Dr. Ladislaus Loidl in
‘Burt Shephard, The Dream That Wouldn’t Die’

Brian in ‘Dalango’

George in ‘My Life As Abraham Lincoln’